I started this blog to document a 3-month long journey I took through Europe and the Mediterranean, which was basically me running away from the sludge of the daily grind. I had become stuck, listless, and uninspired, and I needed a drastic escape. This event in Mexico woke me up from the drowsy mundaneness, and inspired the journeymoon, which refreshed my senses, and then completely exhausted them, but ultimately gave me a new perspective and direction for my artistic pursuits.

I don’t like to call myself an artist. It’s pretentious. Anyone who leads with, “I’m an artist,” is proclaiming he is genetically superior than you. “Artists” are the kids in school who sketched during class instead of taking notes, and you wanted so badly to own their doodles instead of your spiral-bound lectures. They are born with a heightened aesthetic sensory plane that you will never be able to reach. This sixth sense gives these artists the deserved life of lounging around in a loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, smoking weed and waiting for their next creative inspiration, while mom and dad pay rent to support their creative prodigy. I am inferior to artists.

I don’t like to call myself creative. It’s intimidating. Creative people are the ones who could empty the contents of your car cup-holder and your kitchen junk drawer and create something so cool you’d be afraid to throw anything away ever again. They are the ones who can make amazing anythings out of random anythings and become a top seller on etsy. I am inferior to creatives.

I do have some artistic skills, and occasionally I have a flood of creative ideas. And I can draw better than lawyers. Well, most lawyers. Not this guy. The challenge for me is sifting through the ideas to concentrate on the best ones and maintaining motivation to follow through to completion. Having several skill sets and wanting to make so many things can be overwhelming, sometimes immobilizing. The key is finding a balance.

I haven’t mastered this balance by any means. But, I’m trying to focus my creative outlet on a few skills, instead of many, so I can become better at my craft(s), particularly photography and carpentry. Exploring new places and cultures through traveling, and appreciating natural and architectural beauty, inspires me to create.

So here on journeymoon is where I share my travels, discoveries, and artistic endeavors.
exploration + experience = creative inspiration

[photo by Victoria Davies]

If you share any of my photos online, please credit me: Stacey Meineke.

My online portfolio is staceymeineke.com.
My old blog is sundayschoolbeautyqueen.com.

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