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Mediterranean | Day 77-79 | Albania | Tirana


Albania, for me, epitomized why we travel. Or why we should travel. This particular leg of the trip was a last minute decision. I had planned the entire 3-month trip day-by-day before I left the States. I’m not one of those roamers who can just wing it. I need to know where I’m going, how I’m getting there, and where I’m staying.

I had originally planned to go to Croatia’s Plitvice Lakes these three days, but I made those plans in the summer during high tourist season. By that point in my trip at the end of October, transportation options were not reasonably priced nor running as frequently, so it would have ended up costing me $900 and I’d have to maneuver complicated transportation just to spend a couple days in a national park. Also, several of my fellow travellers raved about Croatia, saying the whole country is beautiful and it’s worth spending at least two weeks there. So, I decided to scrap that leg of the trip, and save it for another journeymoon. Suddenly I had three free days in my schedule.

And you know where was cheap? Albania. And you know who had been contacting me throughout the past month? The Albanian boy I met in Loutro. This was a big decision for me, one I internally debated about during every single Amalfi stair-ridden hike. I mean, going into an unknown country to meet up with a boy I barely knew was not something the normal Stacey would have done. But part of traveling is opening yourself up to new experiences, and shucking off preconceived expectations of how you should act, and just living in the moment that you may never have again.

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