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The Asia Pacific | Day 7-16 | Australia | Sydney


Wowza, I can’t believe it’s been two months since I stopped in the middle of this Asia-Pacific recap. It’s been a busy two months, which has made me zero-motivated to blog right now. And I have a million things to do this week, but I can’t sleep, so why not do something of low priority while avoiding the high-priority things. Incidentally, It’s 3:45 a.m. and I just got a work-email from the creative director. What is wrong with us night-owl artists???

So, anyway,  in efforts to finish one of my many unfinished projects, I’ll finish recapping Journeymoon #3. Just photos and captions. Get’erDUN.

Days 7-11: Sydney

Pauline, a Sydney native whom I met in Turkey during JM#1, and her mom, Vicki, graciously hosted me in their beautiful home in Rose Bay. The first day, I hit some obligatory Sydney sites. The next day, Vicki and I walked from Rose Bay through the Hermitage Foreshore Walk in the Sydney Harbour National Park up to Watson’s Bay and back down through Vaucluse. It was a pretty long walk, roughly 3.5-4 hours, but very beautiful. Vicki then fixed us and her mother lunch and then she drove me to Manly in the afternoon and dropped me off in downtown to meet Pauline and her friend for dinner. Vicki was an amazing host, tour guide, and shuttle service all-in-one. In other words: Mom. (Or “mum” as they say in Australia.)

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