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The Balkans | Day 3 | Bosnia and Herzegovina



Day 2 was mostly a travel day, flying from Milan to Dubrovnik. I had considered going into the Old Town to see a ballet that night at 9:30pm for their summer festival, but I had to leave at 7am the next day for the Bosnia tour, and I wasn’t sure how to get to the open-air theatre, and I was dead tired, so I decided since I was on vacation, it was okay to rest a little before a month of very busy days. But, in hindsight, I regret not going to the ballet. I was in the Old Town one night a few days later, and the Dubrovnik summer festival was really cool and energetic. Tons of people were out just walking around, enjoying the live music and each other’s company. They were mostly locals, as the swarms of tourists had already returned to the cruise ships. So if you’re ever in Dubrovnik in the summer, I recommend going to one of the festival’s events— a theatre performance, a film, a ballet, or classical music concert:


I took a small-group day tour from Dubrovnik to Bosnia. It was about a 12-hour day, but I definitely think it’s worth it if you have a few extra days in Dubrovnik. Our guide Mariana was extremely informative and friendly.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, briefly explained:
BiH is one of countries that comprised the former Yugoslavia. Even though it has two names, it is one country; Bosnia is the largest region of the country in the north, and Herzegovina is the smaller region in the south. Bosnia is mostly Muslim and Herz is Catholic and Muslim. The people of Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro all speak the same language of the former Yugoslavia. Slovenia, however, which was also a part of Yugo, speaks a different language, more similar to their German and Austrian neighbors.

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