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I flew to London and my Texas friend Kristy, who was traveling with me in London and New York, met me outside Paddington station where she led me to the little airbnb flat where we were staying. By then, I was full-on wretchedly sick with a sinus infection, as Kristy diagnosed. It was my first sinus infection ever in life, and I’m pretty sure I had the worst one ever known to mankind. Kristy had brought her neti pot because she frequently gets sinus infections, so she became my nurse for the next few days. Probably not exactly her idea of a good vacation.

We headed out to have dinner with my friend from high school, Allyson, who lives in London. On the way, I stopped in a pharmacy and basically bought everything, and nothing worked. My ears where plugged up, my nose was clogged, my cough was wildly incessant. Stupid Italian-Swiss-Albanian germs attacking my tired Moroccan-amoeba-weakened immune system. I think three months of constant activity was just too much for my body to handle.

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