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Exploration | Texas Puppy Cuteness

Official announcement: Journeymoon #3 posts are coming. I just got back a few days ago from the Asia Pacific. I was doing a photoshoot in Indonesia for a resort (more details to come). Then afterwards, I went to visit a friend in Sydney whom I met at the beginning of Journeymoon #1 on the Turkey trip. At the moment, I am editing those photos slowly, because mostly I’m milking jet-lag and tim-tams.

For now, meet my arch-nemesis, my parents’ new puppy, Hannah [Banana], who tormented me over Christmas break. Right before I shot this video she was growling and playing chase with me on the porch. But her pint-size growl stopped as soon as I turned on my camera.

Puppy Hannah Banana from Stacey Meineke on Vimeo.

Journeymoon #2 | The Balkans | Update

Hey, y’all. I’m past the half-way point of my month in The Balkans and I haven’t posted any recaps or photos because the internet here is pretty pitiful. I’ve had weak to non-existent access at my accommodations and the outdoor cafes. So, I probably won’t be posting any recaps until I’m back in The States. Also, I’m on friggin vacation! And some[most]times blogging feels like work. But stay tuned. I should have the recaps up in a couple weeks. Just posting this update to let you know I’m alive.

Exploration | Spring Blossoms

It’s spring! That means flowers, flowers, flowers. Three of my favorite things. In honor of beautiful blossoms all over the world, here’s a repost of a the fruit blossoms trail in Fresno, Calif., that I drove through two years ago.

Also, wherecoolthingshappens has cherry blossom photos way more beautiful than mine.



Exploration | The World of Wow

Welcome to the new and improved Journeymoon! I did a bit of a redesign to showcase the hobbies/side-careers I’m limiting myself to during this year of “simplify and prioritize.” So, you’ll see there are new pages dedicated to my furniture projects and photography: the only art mediums I’m working on this year. (Ha, yeaaaah.) And there’s a new journeymoon slogan to tie everything together. “Exploration + Experience = Creative Inspiration.” We travel to see the wonders of this world, to be inspired by nature’s beauty, man’s creativity, and God’s astonishing creations. We artsy types need to be inspired by our surroundings in order to create.

So, speaking of the awe-inspiring world around us…

There are these 33 incredible places:


View them all on

And then there’s THIS GUY:


See more of his insane volcano kayaking on
[Photo by Alexandre Socci]

Be inspired today. View these amazing links. Then watch some Kid President.

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