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The Asia Pacific | Day 6 | Indonesia | Batam


I had breakfast at Telunas and took their morning boat back to Batam. Dave had arranged a personal tour with Yuli, who is an Indonesian language teacher in Batam. A driver took us around town, to fruit stands, to lunch, to a souvenir shop, to the mall, and then finally back to the ferry terminal. Late that afternoon I headed back to Singapore, killed some time in the fancy Singapore VivoCity Mall, then eventually got tired of dragging my heavy bag loaded with camera and lighting gear around, so I just went to the airport early, and waited for my 1am red-eye to Syndey.

I didn’t shoot many photos of Batam because frankly I was tired of shooting, but here are the few I did take:

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The Asia Pacific | Day 2-6 | Indonesia | Telunas [part 2]


Telunas Beach Resort and Private Island, Pulau Sugi, Indonesia

PART 2: The Photo Shoot

Nothing too eventful to report. Overall, the shoot went really well. My models Zee and Desiree were great, willing to do anything we needed. The Telunas staff was extremely helpful in setting up all the dinners and arranging the shooting schedule. So, the rest of my favorite images are after the jump.

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The Asia Pacific | Day 2-6 | Indonesia | Telunas [part 1]


Sorry for the delay. Work exploded. Then imploded. Then mushroom-bombed all over. Then I got hit in the head by a flying drone (no joke, more on that later). So, sh*t’s been a flyin’! But, anyway, here I am, two weeks later from the start of JM3 recaps, picking up with DAY 2…

Telunas Beach Resort and Private Island, Pulau Sugi, Indonesia

PART 1: Getting there

As I mentioned in the last post, Dave, a friend from NYC, recently moved to Indonesia to do marketing for Telunas Resorts which some of his friends from college started several years ago. It primarily started out as a retreat center, then international schools started coming and doing ethno tours on the island, where the students do team exercises, like building rafts, and spend nights sleeping in hammocks in the jungle exploring the wildlife and fauna, and visit small villages with a Telunas translator. Wish I could have gone to an Indonesian island jungle when I was in high school. But we can’t all go to a wealthy international school. I mean they don’t have Texas high school football, so maybe they’re the ones who should be jealous. But anyway, Telunas… as more and more rich kids kept coming for the ethno tours, Telunas expanded, and bought a private island across from the beach retreat, and turned that island into a resort with private villas.

And new marketing man, Dave, felt Telunas needed to beef up their photo inventory, so he called me. CUT TO:

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