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The Balkans | Day 1 | Italy | Lake Como


I flew from Newark to Milan because I found a good round-trip flight, but having been to Milan last year, and not particularly impressed enough to visit again, I decided to take a day trip to Lake Como. There are many private boat tours of Lake Como, but the weather was bad the day I was there and I had limited time and budget so I followed the advise from Trip Advisor forums that suggested this economical route:

— Train from Milano Centrale to Varenna
— Short ferry from Varenna to Bellagio (20 minutes)
— Long ferry from Bellagio to Como Lago (2 hours)
— Train from Como Lago to Milano Cadorna

On most days, this is probably a nice day trip, but as you’ll see from the photos after the jump, I got rained out. If you have limited time in Milan and only room for one day trip, I recommend Cinque Terre. I also got rained out there, but I found it much more beautiful in the rain than Como.

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