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[This is an old post from my old blog that I am transferring over to Journeymoon because this event in Mexico inspired me to take the 3-month Mediterranean Journeymoon. We all need a catalyst for change. This dolphin ride a little over a year ago was mine.]

In December, I went to Cabo San Lucas on a quick, throw-away get-away. I was burnt out, stressed, and discontent from my job. I was restless, but felt paralyzed. Like the recurring dream where you’re lying in bed, and you see your room from the point of view of your pillow, exactly how it would look if you opened your eyes, and you keep hearing yourself say it’s time to get up. Your dreaming-dream-self is trying to wake your sleeping-dream-self but nothing is happening. The image of your room stays frozen while your sub-sub-sub-conscious repeatedly tells you to wake up. You are immobilized even though you know you have to get up and get moving. Am I the only one who has this dream?

Clearly, I needed a vacation.

But this trip was just Mexico. Growing up in Texas, Mexico was where you went to merely cross the border, or it was the country we lost to at the Alamo but then defeated at San Jacinto. In college, I didn’t go to Cancun or Acapulco for Spring Break debauchery. Instead I went to gang-ridden Juarez with 350 missionaries-in-training, loaded with backpacks full of tracts and Evangelios de Juan, prepped with coin phrases, “¿Conoce Jesucristo ímtimamente?” and “Cristo te ama.”

So, I wasn’t expecting much from this non-prosthelytizing Mexican vacation, and early in the trip that’s exactly what I got. It was relatively uneventful—relaxing on the beach, reading a book by the pool, getting gordita on comida mexicana—until the last day when I decided to do the “dolphin experience.”

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