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The Asia Pacific | Day 1 | Singapore


So, here we go! Journeymoon #3. Well, it’s not so much a journeymoon this time, just a couple weeks, but that’s more than a minimoon, so I’ll stop over-analyzing and compartmentalizing and just get on with it. These posts should be pretty short, mostly just photos. Nothing too eventful happened, but that’s perfectly fine by me, considering this trip was relatively soon after the very eventful Journeymoon #2 and the power-packed bullet-and-photo-shootin’ minimoon in Houston.

Which, speaking of… the reason for JM2 was because of Dave, the groom in the Houston minimoon and friend from my days in NYC. He now does marketing for a small resort in Indonesia and had me come out to shoot photos for them, which you’ll see in the next post.

I flew into Singapore and only really had about half a day to explore, but honestly I feel like you can hit all the main sites in a couple days. So there are a few things I would like to visit if I ever get back there, but as it was, I spent a nice evening in the Gardens by the Bay with a friend from high school, Matt, and his wife Sijie and their kids.

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