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The Balkans | Day 20-21 | Slovenia | Ljubljana


The Croatia tour ended in Bled, so I then headed to Ljubljana for about 1.75 days, and honestly, it was a stretch to fill all that time. If you’re ever in Slovenia, I suggest staying in Bled or Bohinj or some other beautiful town in the Alps and just take a day trip to Ljubljana. There’s a minibus company at the Bled bus station that runs a direct shuttle to Ljubljana for just €7.

The most worthwhile thing to do there is the free tour. Well, it’s technically free, but if you are happy with the tour, which you most likely will be because it is a good tour, you are encouraged to give a donation of your choice after the tour has finished.

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The Balkans | Day 19 | Slovenia | Lake Bohinj


We took a bus from Bled to Bohinj where we first hiked to the waterfall, Slap Savica. Then we split up and the grandparents took the cable car up to the top of the mountain, which they later said was a great view, and ATSL (all the single ladies) followed [far] behind Tomi as he “led” us on a hike around the lake. And by led, I mean he bounced from boulder to boulder, like a pinball, while ATSL trudged steadily on far behind him.

At one point in our 2-ish hour hike, when it was getting well into the afternoon and we hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast, ATSL, hangry and tired, mutinied and stopped to eat snacks we’d been carrying in our backpacks. Far down the trail, Tomi eventually turned around realizing we hadn’t caught up to him. When he found us, we explained that we had to stop and eat because we were too hungry to wait for the picnic he promised us at the end of the trail. He offhandedly said that the hike is taking longer than he expected because of all the stops. Jules retorted, “clearly we have been on different hikes.”

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The Balkans | Day 18 | Slovenia | Lake Bled


A private bus drove us from Pula, Croatia, to Lake Bled, Slovenia. We grabbed lunch then rode bikes on the path around Lake Bled. I actually don’t recommend the bikes. It’s a beautiful lake and I would have preferred to take my walk around it and soak it all in versus whizzing by on a bike and clumsily dodging obtuse tourists on very narrow sections of the path.

We then took a cab to Vintgar Gorge (Soteska Vintgar), and rushed through it quickly as we had arranged a ride back with the same cab. Again, I would have preferred to take my time here. It was stunning. We hit it at the perfect time in late afternoon when the light was beautiful in the gorge. If you show up later than 4:30, the sun will be too low.

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