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If you’re counting days, Day 29 was mostly a travel day. I took a bus from Kalathas to Chania where I shopped a little and killed time before my bus to the airport. I became quite proficient at the Crete bus system. As well as the Italian train system. I flew into Bergamo, (Milan area) around midnight, and then had to take two trains at 6 a.m. the following morning to get to the Malpensa Milan airport to catch my flight to New York City. There’s such an anxious relief when you’re waiting for your return flight home after a long trip.

Day 30, I landed in Newark and took a bus to midtown. How have I flown in and out of Newark so many times and never knew there was a direct shuttle bus from Newark that stops at 3 midtown locations?! I normally take the PATH train, but the bus is so much easier! Once I arrived at Port Authority, I hopped on the subway to Queens where I spent a few days on the couch of my friends Aabye and Frank who, even in their 30s, are huge advocates of couch surfing. New York is just too expensive to do it any other way.

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