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Home sweet home. Well, not exactly. Last year my parents moved away from my childhood home in Houston, so I stayed in their retirement home in a small town in the middle of Texas. Which was fine because I just needed to rest anyway. So, that’s mostly what I did. Sleep, catch up on the TV I had missed while traveling, and sleep some more. I also went to Dallas to visit my college friends Nyaz and Sina and play with their kiddos.

But, I had to decide what to do next, now that my Journeymoon was over. I didn’t particularly want to return to LA. I felt like I had closed that chapter of my life when I left for the Mediterranean. But I also wasn’t quite ready to move back to Texas. I had hoped that while on my trip, the bright light would come down through the heavens and I would just know where to go next, what to do with my life, and what I was going to be when I grow up. But, that did not happen. So with no other tempting offers and ever increasing boredom of sitting at home in a town where I knew no one, I resigned to going back to LA.

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It was a bittersweet return. It was so very sweet to be back in the States. I’ve never been so happy to land in New York. I was finally back in a city where I knew where things were, spoke the language, and had several long-time friends. It was bitter because my travel play-time was over, I was back to reality and had to figure out what to do next, AND New York welcomed me with the first cold front of the season. Thanks, New York, for reminding me why I moved to LA after living through three of the worst winters on record. (Here’s the real time post I wrote the day I returned.)

Keeping this brief, I spent a week in NYC visiting friends, shooting their family portraits, eating my favorite New York foods, and seeing some shows, specifically the American Ballet and London’s West End productions of Twelfth Night and Richard III. AND, going to the urgent care to get a Z-pak of antibiotics. Despite being sick and freezing and missing the warm Mediterranean summer, it was so good to be home in the States.

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Mediterranean | Recap Interruption | Real Time | Day 87 | USA

I arrived back in The States today, and I have to say, I have never been so glad to return to New York City. I am grateful for my 3-month journeymoon through the Mediterranean, but I am also extremely tired and worn out and sick, so I am relieved to be home. [Well, by “home” I mean USA. I’m actually homeless, and car-less, right now. So “home” is a relative term.]

I’ve learned so much about other cultures, other people, other perceptions, other religions, other economies, and other’s emotions. Even though I practically sprinted out of America, propelled by frustration over my job and disgust of Americans’ overwhelming sense of entitlement, throughout this European journey, I have come to appreciate how truly lucky we are in America.

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