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Woodworking | Azzy Girae

Ok, I confess, Azzy Girae is the most pretentious LA hipster name ever, but at least I’m giving it to a bench, not a child. “Azzy” is for the aztec/tribal inspiration that I had in mind when I started building the bench, and “Girae” is because when it was finished it reminded me of a giraffe. Not sure why. Maybe the colors or the skinny legs or both. But, anyway, blog world, I ask you, is this bench as pretentious as its name? Or something you’d want under your Christmas tree today? Merry Christmas, everyone!

Woodworking | Bench Me

We interrupt this regularly scheduled program (Journeymoon #2 recaps) to bring you this important message: my next carpentry project! I’m building a bench for at the end of my bed. I didn’t plan to make it this complicated, but I just started designing, and this is where I ended up. It will be a challenge to build—I will probably be cursing when I’m not holding my breath during the assembly—but will be beautiful when it’s finished.


I had to clamp it up at home because I ran out of time in class.

This is what the pattern will look like when it's completed. Hopefully I will manage to line all the pieces up perfectly as I'm nailing and gluing them together.

Woodworking | Herbie Goes to Playa

Here’s the latest table I made. This was the trade for my shop-buddy-sensei Drew’s vase, which I named Anya because of its commanding presence and sophistication, and also, Anya is the name of my alter-ego. I named this table Herbie. Because it has personality, spunk, and racing stripes. And heretofore, I will name all my tables. I have built four chevron tables, two you’ve seen, two are almost ready, just need to be coated with finish (which you will see after the next journeymoon which started today). The chevron coffee tables shall simply be called Chevy I, Chevy II, Chevy III, and Chevy IV, because of their regalness and their chevrons. Then there’s the two side tables, twins Adam and Apple. And finally, the credenza, which shall be known as “Zee, the first and last.” Because it will be the one and only. I am taking this class again in the Fall. My teacher was tired of seeing my face and tired of me taking a beginner’s spot in the class, so I now have special alumni access privileges. And… all is right with the world. Except in Iraq, Palestine, and Africa. Not all is right there ever. So, on a lighter note, meet Herbie:


sanding phase before I put on the finish


Woodworking | The Trade

Here’s another table I’m working on. This table is for my shop-buddy-tech-sensei-extraodinaire Drew in exchange for the beautiful vase he gave me, which he made from the chops and short-ends from my credenza. He probably ended up with the better end of the trade, but, eh, better than having this beauty sit around in my storage unit. At least I know the table will go to someone who appreciates it. And really, that’s all we sensitive artists want: appreciation and admiration. That’s why we’re poor.

Hopefully I can finish up all three table before I leave on my next Journeymoon. *¡SPOILER ALERT!* Journeymoon #2 is coming in August. Only a one-month trip this year, instead of three, but Europe again. Specifically The Balkans: Croatia and Slovenia with quick day trips into Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. I really, REALLY wanted to go to Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia during Journeymoon #1, but I just couldn’t swing it. And many of my fellow travelers raved about Croatia, saying that I needed to spend at least two weeks there. So, I am. And it’ll finish up my loop around the Mediterranean. I like full circles. Journeymoon #3 will have to be Asia or South America. Europe is too expensive!

So, anyway, in one month, check back for the next chapter of travel recaps. I will try to be more timely and efficient this year.


Woodworking | If you build it they will come?

Last week I started my fifth semester in Otis College of Art & Design continuing education machine woodworking. I didn’t manage to get these table finished last semester, but will hopefully have them done in the next week or two. Right now they are living in pieces in my storage unit. I feel like a hoarder by having a storage unit, but better that than stepping over piles of lumber in my 400 square foot apartment. No one wants to live in a wood shed.

I’ll post the final finished pics when they’re done. For now, here’s a sneak peak of the works-in-progress. I think these will be my last chevron tables for a while. I have other ideas in mind for future tables. Hoping to sell these babies.

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